The School of Health and Nursing is dedicated to the training and education of nurses who are pursuing their post-registration degrees as well as healthcare professionals. In partnership with Edinburgh Napier University (UK), the nursing school will deliver the Bachelor of Science Nursing (Top-up) post-registration degree in Singapore. The nursing school was founded to equip students with the latest knowledge and skills in nursing so as to allow graduates to conduct their profession at the highest levels of competencies in Singapore.

In the context of life expectancies and prominence of lifestyle diseases (e.g. diabetes and obesity), nursing and healthcare are set to play increasingly important roles. Set against the backdrop of an ageing population, Singapore’s healthcare landscape will inherit the standard challenges and pose a few that would be specific to a predominantly geriatric population. This signals the continued and increasing need for nursing school graduates and other healthcare professionals in Singapore.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science Nursing (Top-up) post-registration degree, the health and nursing school of MDIS has also recently launched the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Healthcare Management (Top-up) offered by Teesside University (UK), Master of Public Health and Master of Science Healthcare Management degree offered by Northumbria University (UK), to address the demand for skilled healthcare professionals in Singapore.


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