The MDIS School of Life Sciences open doors for those who wish to pursue their passion in the intriguing, diverse and fascinating fields of biomedical sciences and Biotechnology. In addition to developing subject-based expertise and skills, the content of the courses are relevant and applicable to both the international and local student communities.

The School’s up-to-date and rigorous programmes, offered in partnership with Northumbria University (UK), aim to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to stay abreast of the exciting developments in Life Sciences. Students will also gain practical experience in the School’s dedicated and well equipped laboratories and have the opportunity to work on specially designed in house, as well as industrial research projects.

With specialisations in biochemistry, biotechnology and biomedical science, graduates are equipped to pursue a wide spectrum of careers in research and clinical laboratories, as well as in the burgeoning biomedical, pharmaceutical, biologics, biotechnological, healthcare, and post-genomic medicine industries.


  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical Science
  • Biotechnology